Why Bitcoin Is The Future Of Gambling Payments

Gambling with Bitcoin has expanded at a rapid pace and with good reason. This popular cryptocurrency allows for many benefits that traditional banking does not cater for, yet still generates access to gambling in many forms such as sports betting, poker, (video) slots, and interaction with live dealers. While there is never a goal achieved without some setback, Bitcoin payment is swiftly making its move as the preferred method of payment mainly due to its increased  security, efficiency and low transaction costs when compared with traditional banking.

In the online world, security is everything when it comes to any transaction that is sharing a user’s information, which is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin has become so popular. When transacting with this currency, very little personal information is required and various wallets can be used to increase security like online, software or hardware wallets. It is also almost immediately visible as a transaction as opposed to traditional banking that could take much longer and increase chances of fraud.

Not even a credit card is needed when gambling with Bitcoin, increasing your privacy and anonymity to let the user gamble in private and without others monitoring every activity. Anonymity is not absolute though, as the coding system that Bitcoin works with is an open source project making transparency of the operating information visible thus making it safer for users by being able to see that they are not being scammed. This is further seen on sites where proof can be found as to their legitimate operation with Bitcoin.

The entire process of cryptocurrency gambling is fast and efficient- From simply setting up an account with an e-mail address to registering Bitcoins in a personalized wallet and playing almost instantly thereafter. Transaction fees are either seldom requested or very low, and when attempting to deposit or withdraw Bitcoins, the transaction is considered much speedier than traditional banking, making it perfect for those that are either on the go or in a rush. Gaming advantages extend to the marketing of sites using ‘Provably Fair Games’ when playing with Bitcoin to assure the user of legitimate Bitcoin transactions taking place and also give lower house edges to Bitcoin users over those trading with fiat currency.

From this vantage point it seems that Bitcoin is giving traditional banks a run for their money in terms of decisive features when deciding on transactional options. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that users educate themselves thoroughly before utilizing Bitcoin to reap the best benefits for their particular needs.


Mobile Casinos That Let You Use Bitcoin

Only the best online casinos and software providers have included mobile access to bring efficiency to their users who like to stay engaged wherever they are with their mobile device. That being said, enthusiasts and regular users will have noticed that Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies out there with many benefits over fiat currencies, especially when gambling.

Bitcoin transfers are generally accepted as the quickest and easiest way to transfer funds while still receiving a wide variety of high-quality games to choose from (thanks to software providers like RTG, SoftSwiss and Betsoft). All transfers require users to have a Bitcoin wallet, but they differ according to the website you’re using. For example, some mobile casinos need the user to log in from the website, whereas others can also be accessed using downloaded software. As there are many such nitty gritty details, it would be wise to be informed by reading reviews and visiting online portals affiliated with the casino in question.

Wherever and whatever you want to play, it should be available for your enjoyment using a more secure cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which is why many mobile casinos have either incorporated this currency into their accepted form of payment, or are exclusively operating with Bitcoin. Below is a list of a few such legitimate mobile casinos.

  • Princess Star
  • Ignition Casino
  • Red Flush Online Casino
  • Slotocash Casino
  • Coin Royale Casino
  • Bovada
  • BitStarz
  • Cloudbet
  • mBit Casino
  • BitCasino.io
  • BetCoin Casino
  • Slots.LV
  • Bet Chain
  • Bitcoin Penguin

Mobile casinos share the same fun games that online casinos have, but with the added bonus of being played anywhere. As convenience is the key to all online transactions, it is only logical for Bitcoin to be involved and used as much as possible. It must be stressed though that research is required prior to playing when considering available compatibility with your device’s operating system as well, else all of the welcome bonuses, loyalty packages and instant payment transactions will be missed out on. These are somewhat vital when using Bitcoin, as the value of it fluctuates and will affect what goes into your wallet. However, the utmost convenience of Bitcoin and consistently improving security measures to operate it paired with hundreds of fun games that could increase your investment, make it more likely that the supply will grow as the demand increases thus potentially increasing the database for mobile casinos using Bitcoin exponentially.


8 Quickfire Facts You Didn’t Know About Bitcoin

In this emerging cryptocurrency market, there is much to be learned about its existence, functioning and future. Bitcoin can basically be described as a digital commodity that has monetary value and can be used for payment where the establishments accept it as a currency. Due to popular demand, it is expanding into gaming, trading, shopping and betting to name a few and is thus increasing security features, but there are many other things to know about it.

No single authority controls Bitcoin- The software used for operating Bitcoin logs and validates each Bitcoin activity on a global scale and is termed a ‘decentralized currency’ due to its nature. It is controlled by anyone who uses Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an open source project- The computational coding system can be viewed and modified by any entity and brings both risks (security of downloading malware) and rewards (all Bitcoin operational information is transparent).

Only 21 million Bitcoins will exist- This is a protocol set up by miners to prevent the devaluation of Bitcoin currency, but a Bitcoin can still be divisible into smaller parts, the smallest being one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin.

Secure offline storage- Services offered by companies like Xapox and Elliptic) have begun to include offline storage like in a vault with cryptographic and physical security measures.

Bitcoins are not anonymous- Know-Your-Client (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) regulations are being implemented sometimes requiring proof of your identity and residence.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining- This is an extension of Bitcoin mining enabling a user to remotely contact data centres and purchase some of their hardware mining capacity.

Buy almost anything- Many online e-commerce sites are now jumping on board the Bitcoin Express where users can buy electronics, clothing, homeware, and even travel activities.

Work for Bitcoins- New to the market but seemingly satisfying is being remunerated for your work with Bitcoin as offered by XBTFreelancer and Coinality.

All of this is a lot to take in and there is much more to Bitcoin than one would expect. Although it has all of the features of a safer and easier form of payment, there are risks to be considered in each faction of its unique presence. When considering the facts above, users should keep in mind that Bitcoin values fluctuate and require some critical thinking before use. Due to its emerging nature, there is much more to learn about Bitcoin as it grows.

Mobile Apps That Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is seen as the tech-savvy way to go when working with finance online, and is still in the stages of being explored and understood by mainstream internet users, so don’t expect to find any apps like BetVictor on this list. Nevertheless, there is a growing database of different apps that use Bitcoin already and are available throughout Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems to provide access to Bitcoin trading, simple storage in wallets, gaming, mining and betting.
As with all new things, there are convictions that Bitcoin and apps using it are too complex and unsafe, but with an increasing demand for online safety, Bitcoin wallets are constantly integrating improved security software to grant easy access without the attached worry of criminal activity.
Bitcoin apps span various areas from the beginning of the cryptocurrency process- Storing it in a wallet. There are many to choose from for your mobile such as Bitpay and Blockchain giving you access on any device running Android and can be used to transfer, store or play for money. Coinbase is rather similar, except that it runs on Apple iOS and has some usage limitations but is nevertheless a secure form of payment. Mycelium is another option that even helps you find Bitcoin traders.
Traders are also seeking to expand their transactions to on-the-go performance apps, which they can find with zTrader. This is a secure Bitcoin trading site for Android trading in seventeen different exchanges and in hundreds of digital currencies. Bitcoin miners that like to stay updated on their mining work with figures and statistical knowledge in order to view and improve the growth of their Bitcoin investment can use popular apps like Bitcoin Miner and Bitcoin Billionaire.
Those seeking just as much risk/reward with a different sort of fun will be happy to learn that sports betting is also supported on mobile apps like Cloudbet. Cloudbet is a secure forum working on Apple iOS and Google Android where sites are efficient even when working with complex figures like the variety of categories it represents. Last but not least, online gaming for mobile devices is on the rise and does not stop here- Find the likes of Alien Run, Bitcoin Flapper and Game of Birds to collect infinite Bitcoins when you play.
Bitcoin might be somewhat new to the mainstream playing field of online transactions, but this cryptocurrency is widely becoming popular for safer app transactions while growing your investment and having fun anytime, anywhere.

The Benefits of Having a Bitcoin Wallet Account

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A Helpful Review of Satoshicircle

images01Bitcoin gambling has become a popular way to experience entertainment and be able to cash in on bets. Though there are many sites you can choose from, some are complicated and contain all sorts of menus you must go through to be able to properly play the game. This is why many players are turning to simpler games that offer more honest results. One of these games is called Satoshicircle. This spinning wheel game offers you the fun of roulette, without the difficult play. To begin playing this game, you simply need to go to the site. There is no need for you to download any programs and you do not even have to register. You will have a unique pass code that will allow you to play the game on any device, including mobile. When you are ready to play, you simply key in the pass code and add bitcoins to your account. Though the process is extremely simple, it does not get boring. In fact, the way the game is played keeps you coming back for more. Read more

Strikesapphire Casino Review

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Satoshi36 Casino Review

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Bitcoinvideocasino Review

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Ball2win Casino Review

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