BC-Casino Review

image_blThe bitcoin community is rapidly growing and that is why nobody is surprised by the fact that there are a lot of online casinos that let players deposit and withdraw bitcoins. However, even though most of these casinos are pretty much okay, there is one casino that you should know about, since it’s the first one of the kind. It’s called BC-Casino and it gives you an opportunity to play a lot of traditional and modern casino games and see if you can get those big winnings. Read more

Bitcoincasinos Review

sealswithAre you a big fan of Poker games? Do you want to be able to deposit and make winning withdrawals with Bitcoins? If your answer to these two questions is ”yes”, then you should consider checking out Seals With Clubs. This online casino has managed to hit the top ranks mainly thanks to the fact that it is 100% anonymous. This means that if you want to have some casino fun and try your luck at big winnings, you can choose to be the only one who knows it. Of course, the Royal Flush Jackpot is also a big plus of this online casinos, as most online casinos do not have it. Read more

Tracking My Gambling Success Is Easier Than Ever

Bitcoin has allowed me to track the money that I spend on gambling in a very focused and easy to follow way. I no longer have to load money directly to my online casino account. I can use Bitcoin to store my winnings so that I can reinvest them directly into the game. This has allowed me to better keep track of my statistics to know which games I am the best at playing and which games I need to learn more about to improve my winning percentage. I love being able to look at the totals for each day to ensure I never lose track of how much I have won or lost gambling.

Informative website

coinHave you heard about that digital currency system that is called Bitcoin? It is a system that is becoming more and more popular as time passes and I have no doubts that it will eventually prove that it is the perfect alternative to convenient money. So, if you want to stay informed about everything that is related to it, be sure to check out CoinDesk. It’s a website that is being updated regularly with news that you will surely find to your liking. For example, there is this great article that I read this morning, titled “solarcoin awards coins solar power generation.” It should encourage people to go solar.