Satoshi36 Casino Review

Satoshi36There is a bitcoin lottery game, called Satoshi36, that you should check out as soon as you can. It has been created for all fans of such games and it is provably fair. Additionally, the rules are really simple and you can learn how to play right away. So, all you need to do is choose a number and see if it will be selected in the following round. If it is, you win bitcoins. Pretty simple, right? You can play as many rounds as you like and choose as many numbers as you want. If you choose more than one number, you have a higher chance to win, but the winnings will not be that big.

When it comes to comparing this lottery game to other similar games that you can find online, I should mention that it’s much simpler than you would expect. Even though there are many websites where you can choose to play a game with similar rules, you would notice that most of them are not so user friendly. Well, that cannot be said for Satoshi 36. The whole point of this lottery is to give the players an opportunity to win bitcoins in the simplest manner possible. You can deposit the amount of bitcoins you want without any restrictions and none of your transactions can be cancelled or delayed.

Ultimately, whenever you request a withdrawal, you can rest assured that it will be processed instantly. That’s one of the benefits you get when playing with bitcoins.